On February 1, 2023, Popeyes opened its first fast food restaurant in France, in Paris, near Gare du Nord.

Popeyes’ Arrival in the Nation’s Capital

The fast food chain Popeye’s, also known as Popeye’s chicken & biscuits, is mainly well known for its fried chicken. From February 1, 2023, you can enjoy this tasty food with its bright orange logo, the color of Louisiana, and great recipes, which will soon make their way to the nation’s capital to delight you.

Menu Highlights: The Famous Chicken Sandwich

What’s on the Popeyes menu? Nothing is more delicious than the unmissable Chicken Sandwich, a delicious chicken sandwich marinated in flavors for twelve hours, then breaded, and then deep fried. The brand’s goal is to source locally in each new country in which it sets up shop, as well as to adapt its recipes in each new country.

Popeyes Local Sourcing and Recipe Adaptation

For this occasion, the chef Laura Zani has been in charge of sourcing local products for the event for more than a year: the chicken, by the way, is 100% French! It is interesting to note that the buns, too, have the soft color of a slice of brioche, very yellow, and a softness that is unmatched by any other bread.

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Popeyes Sauces and Popeyes Vegan Options

In addition, you can choose between spicy or classic mayonnaise to enhance the taste of your burger, and they will serve with fries that have Cajun spices, which are crunchy and crispy. We don’t want to forget about the sauces. In addition to the classic ketchup and mayo, Popeyes offers four Popeyes sauces that are unique to the restaurant as part of their menu: garlic mayo, an extra spicy garlic mayo, red hot, as hot as you prefer, barbecue, or old fashioned mustard.

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If you are a vegan, you do not need to worry; the restaurant offers three different burger recipes (for its opening), one of which consists of a 100% vegetable steak, baked and served with red beans, a typical Louisiana dish.

Peter Jenner, the chef in charge of the restaurant, supervises the kitchens. He is responsible for ensuring that the French sauce recipes adhere to the restaurant’s standard, so we can see him busy breading and frying the chicken.

Executive Chefs and Transparent Manufacturing

In this case, the team members aren’t just team members. They are all executive chefs, and this is clearly indicated on their aprons that they are all executive chefs. Popeyes is also known as a “hybrid restaurant, ” according to Xavier, the restaurant manager. “We are a table service restaurant, we eliminate your staff, and real chefs work in the kitchen,” he says, showing the open kitchens of the restaurant. Thus, we wanted a more transparent process for manufacturing our sandwiches. 

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Expected Menu Prices and Lagniappe Gift

We expect the menu to cost around 8€ for various menu items – Cajun fries, chicken burgers, and a large drink – although the final price is not yet determined. A Lagniappe is a fried bread prepared according to Louisiana traditions, which means “gift” in the local language. As a part of each menu purchase, you will also receive a Lagniappe, which means “gift” in French. 

Final Thought

In conclusion, Popeye’s fast food chain is expanding its reach to the nation’s capital with its famous fried chicken, particularly the must-try Chicken Sandwich, which is marinated for twelve hours, breaded, and deep-fried. The brand aims to source locally in each new country it enters and to adapt its recipes accordingly.

For the opening event, local French products have been sourced, including 100% French chicken, and the menu will also cater to vegans with three different burger recipes, one of which includes a 100% vegetable steak. The restaurant is a hybrid model with real executive chefs in the kitchen, and the menu is expected to cost around 8€. As a bonus, each menu purchase includes a fried bread called Lagniappe, which means “gift” in French.

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