Strawberry Cheesecake Cup: a New Popular Dessert added to the Popeyes Menu

Strawberry cheesecake cup added to the popular restaurant chain. Popeyes announced a new dessert on its menu.

This decadent treat consists of a creamy cheesecake filling and topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. It is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. With its convenient size and affordable price, the strawberry cheesecake cup will become popular among customers.

Popeyes provides a perfect balance of flavor in each bite, and the creamy cheesecake paired with fresh strawberries makes for a delicious treat.

The most loved cake of all time

It’s nearly summer, and Popeyes is reworking its menu in all areas. In the last weeks, the chain debuted the new blackened Chicken Sandwich, which removes the breading from the chicken filet and infuses it with “naked” chicken breast with spices. In addition, the dessert category gets a luxurious food item that is not fried.

The brand new Strawberry Cheesecake Cup is what you imagine it to be: all the components of a traditional cheesecake tucked into a miniature size, with several bites. Strawberry Cheesecake has a rich cheesecake topping. It is topped with strawberry puree on top of a buttery graham cracker crust and served in a sealable plastic cup.

This delicious, creamy dessert is like an unshelled version of deep-fried Strawberry and cream Cheese Pie, another seasonal favorite at Popeyes. We loved the deep-fried version of the cake, so we considered it among the best fast-food desserts in our taste test last year. Therefore, we are hoping for this healthier version of the cake that everyone loves.

The Calories in Strawberry Cheesecake Cup

Its calorie count comes at 318 calories. You can get more than the 236 calories with the Chains Cinnamon Apple Pie. However, thanks to portions-controlled packaging, it’s considerably smaller than these Chocolate Beignets, which will cost you 730 calories.

It’s available only for a limited time and at participating restaurants.

What is the Popeyes menu this year?

The fish sandwich on the menu was the chain’s very first sandwich. Perhaps the most important announcement from Popeyes This year’s Popeyes is the announcement of the company’s initial fish-based sandwich. Although the company is a rival within its chicken sandwich battles, many wonder if it will be able to create a new spectacular showpiece through this new Cajun flounder Fish Sandwich and Popeyes Hershey’s fish sandwich.

Popeyes Fish Sandwich is inspired by the simplicity of the Popeyes fried chicken sandwich that is its most famous. The main ingredient is a fried flounder filet seasoned with Cajun seasoning. It’s placed on a buttery, toasty bread roll. Two additional players –barrel-cured pickles and Popeyes tartar sauce from the past complete the taste profile.

Two discontinued sides

In the competitive fast food market, do not take advantage of new ideas; you’ll most likely fall (on your market share). They should eliminate Older, lesser-popular food items if new products pop onto the Popeyes menu. It was the case for two of Popeyes’s most popular meals that lost their spot at the table at the beginning of the season: Cajun Rice and Green Beans. We hope this means some fresh and exciting menu items will be there as replacements. But again, they are available in July 2022 for a limited time.

There is a modification to the chicken sandwich

Popeyes recently revealed its five-year food goals for high quality and sustainability that will affect many menu products, including its famed chicken sandwich. The plans include eliminating antibiotics from Popeyes chicken supply chain across the U.S. and Canada by the end of the year and also removing flavors, colors, and preservatives from synthetic sources from the menu items for fried chicken at the end of the year 2022.

It is a priority of the restaurant that Popeyes will continue to follow the winning chicken recipe of 12-hour marinade and hand-breading. They’ll do it without all that stuff you’d instead not put on your fast food menu.

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Final Verdict

So, Popeyes added a new dessert option for its customers, the Strawberry Cheesecake Cup. The Strawberry Cheesecake Cup features a thick and rich cheesecake filling mixed with strawberry puree and served on a graham cracker crumb crust, all enclosed in a sealed plastic cup. It is perfect for those who crave something sweet after a savory meal. The cheesecake’s rich flavor and the strawberries’ freshness make this cup a must-try for all cupcake lovers.

The New Dessert Option we found at participating Popeyes locations for a limited time. And Popeyes’s new strawberry cheesecake cup is a delicious and satisfying dessert. It’s the perfect way to end a meal or enjoy a sweet snack. If you’re looking for something new and tasty, check out this new menu item.


What dessert does Popeyes have?

While Popeyes only offers two separate permanent desserts to select from, the Cinnamon Apple Pie and the Chocolate Chip Cookie, the fast-food chain frequently delights us with temporary additions to its menu. The chain has recently offered specials to delight customers, including its necessary riff on a regional dish, the beignet, and strawberry cheesecake.

Does Popeyes still have strawberry cheesecake?

The New Dessert we found at participating Popeyes locations for a limited time. Check out Popeyes near you to check the deal availability.

Popeyes wrote up only two unique permanent dessert options, the Cinnamon Apple Pie and the Chocolate Chip Cookie, that the chain’s fast-food offerings often try to provide us with sweet choices.

How much does a Strawberry Cheesecake Cup cost at Popeyes?

Popeyes serves the cheesecake dessert in a cup for only $2.49. Meanwhile, with various delicious desserts, it will be a fantastic addition at almost all Popeyes locations.

How many calories are in Popeyes’ strawberry cheesecake pie?

There are 318 calories in heavy cream from a Strawberry Cheesecake Cup from Popeyes. These calories from fat are (60 per 100 g) and carbohydrates (35 per 100 g).

What is Popeye’s new dessert?

Popeyes intends to introduce an all-new single-service dessert to its menu by launching a new Banana Cream Cake. The Banana Cream Cake comprises a moist vanilla cake topped with whipped banana cream and wafer crumbs. You can have dessert at Popeye’s and eat Chocolate Beignets.

Does Popeyes still have beignets this year?

This year, you can get to taste the new Banana Cream Cake and Popeyes favorite Chocolate Beignets, originally introduced in 2020, at participating Popeyes locations nationwide for a limited period of time. These delicious chocolate pastries have heavy cream and powdered sugar as their filling, and they are a New Orleans-style pastry. Then Popeyes strawberry cheesecake for a limited time in 2021.

Now, the fast-food restaurant known as Popeyes includes on the Popeyes dessert menu 2022 the beloved Chocolate Beignets and the best-seller Banana Cream Cake.

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