Which Parisian Fast Food Chain offers Best Cheap Burger Menu Deals?

How much does a burger menu cost?
From McDonald’s to Burger King to Five Guys to Popeyes, all offer excellent deals. And Which Parisian Fast Food Chain Offers the Best Burger Menu Deals?” and best affordable deal?

We tested four fast-food restaurants. Do you think fast food is still cheap today? For a cheap deal yet tasty and satisfying meal, we tried Burger King, Five Guys, Popeyes, and Burger King in the capital.

burger deals
Best burger deal

Fast food chains have become a go-to option for people looking for quick, convenient, and affordable meals. Here, we’ll look at five popular fast food chains – McDonald’s, Burger King, Five Guys, and the new Popeyes in town – and their burger menus. We’ll break down the prices, options, and overall dining experience to help you decide the next time you’re craving a juicy burger.

As I explored the streets of Paris, I couldn’t help but notice the abundance of fast food restaurants around every corner. With so many options to choose from, my friends and I conducted a little experiment to find out which fast food joint was the most economical yet still delicious.

Our journey led us to four popular fast food chains: McDonald’s, Burger King, Five Guys, and the newest addition to the Parisian fast food scene, Popeyes. We wanted to try out their burger menus and see how much it would cost for a meal that included fries and a drink.

McDonald’s: The Classic Choice

Next, we visited McDonald’s, which had a wide selection of burger options. McDonald’s is a household name and go-to for many burger lovers. They had something for everyone, from the classic Big Mac to the Signature Beef BBQ, 2 types of meat. However, we noticed that their prices were on the higher side, with the cheapest meal costing around $11.10.

mcdonald burger
McDonald burger

For around $10.85, you can enjoy the classic Big Mac, or for a more indulgent choice, try the Signature Beef BBQ 2 types of meat for $18.30.The Best Of 280, medium fries, and 40 cl water cost around $11.55, making it an excellent value for money.

Burger King: A Royal Experience

We then made our way to Burger King. Burger King is another popular chain known for its flame-grilled burgers. At Burger King, we were pleased to find that their range of burgers was just as impressive as McDonald’s. However, the price for two people, including fries and drinks, was steep, coming in at around $23.80.

burger king burger
Burger King

Burger King on Boulevard Montparnasse offers a wide range of options, from the Veggie Whopper ($7.00) to the Master bacon grill ($14.65). For a Double Whopper, medium fries, and 50 cl of San Pellegrino ($11.70), plus a Cheddar lover, medium fries, and 33 cl of Vittel ($10.95), the bill for two amounts to $22.65. No candy is included.

Five Guys: Customized to Perfection

Finally, we stopped at Five Guys, which was the only restaurant that didn’t offer a menu deal. Instead, we had to order each item separately, which added up to a total of around $38.40 for two people, including fries and drinks.

five guys burger
Five Guys burger

Five Guys takes the customization of your Burger to a whole new level. For around $10.55, you can customize your Burger with ingredients of your choice, and the options are endless. You can create the Burger of your dreams, from the Little Cheeseburger to the “2 types of meat” burger, for $14.05. While their fries come at an additional cost, they are generously served. A meal for two would cost around $32 without dessert or drinks.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen: A Newcomer

Popeyes is a new American fast-food chain that arrived in Paris on February 1st.
As we stepped inside Popeyes, the aroma of fried chicken filled the air. We were surprised to find that their burger menu, which was based on fried chicken, was quite affordable. With prices ranging from $10.25 to $12.05, we were impressed by the variety and the quality of the food.

Check Popeyes Paris Locations to order

Popeyes Chicken Burger Paris

Final Review for Best Burger Deal

After visiting all four fast-food restaurants, we concluded that Popeyes was the most economical and tastiest option. Their delicious fried chicken burgers and affordable prices were our clear winners. Popeyes is the cheapest of our selections, while McDonald’s and Burger King offer many options. Five Guys burger is the most expensive, but customers can customize their sandwiches with various toppings. All fast food chains provide unique dining experiences and delicious burgers.

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At the same time, McDonald’s and Burger King offer classic menus with a vast range of possibilities, and Popeyes with its fried chicken burgers and other affordable yet delicious Popeyes menu items. Five Guys takes customization to a whole new level, making it a must-visit for those who want to build their perfect Burger. The prices for a burger menu range from around $9.45 to $18.30, and the value for money is excellent.

Popeyes France
Popeyes France

However, each restaurant had its unique selling point, and it was great to explore all the options and figure out which one worked best for us. So next time you’re craving a burger, try one of these chains and indulge in their mouth-watering burgers.

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