Popeyes Daily Specials & Popeyes Tuesday Special Prices

Popeyes’ daily specials are always in trend at Popeyes. What about their Popeyes Tuesday specials and daily specials? There is something for everyone at Popeyes, like Chicken Unique Tuesday or Popeyes two-piece Tuesday specials.

Even a unique Tuesday special to make a change in Popeyes menu. People worldwide love to celebrate occasions, but everyone celebrates these occasions differently. It is just about eating a piece of cake, while for others, it may involve spending time with loved ones or dining together. 

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After the Pandemic: Family Meet-Ups

The covid-19 has changed the situation. After a lengthy quarantine period, many countries have now ended the quarantine, and people can return to their everyday lives. We realized, however, that dining out with loved ones after the COVID-19 pandemic has become a special occasion or celebration.

If you are looking for fun and a beautiful night with your loved ones, then Popeye’s is the place to go. No doubt, Popeyes is a great place to enjoy delicious food. It is evident when we dine out at any location, and it is more like an occasion or a party than a meal.

So the same old menu every time will not work. It makes it a sought-after experience that is unique and memorable. Popeyes Canada offers special deals on weekly Popeyes Chicken and special orders for first orders.

Popeyes Daily specials Menu price

Let’s find out what Popeyes’ special menu is all about. For it, we will see more details of the Popeyes menu.

Popeyes Monday deals

Monday needs a boost, so Popeyes has some fun menu choices for its fans. These are  

Popeyes Monday DealsPieceCaloriesPrice
Popeyes Tenders for 3 PCs (Tenders Only)3 pcsMild 320 calories$4.99
Spicy 300 calories

People love the Popeyes Tuesday special. However, my favorite part about the event is the food, drink, and atmosphere.

Popeyes Tuesday specials

The Popeyes Tuesday special is real fun and entertainment for all people who love to have Popeyes Tuesday specials. Tuesday’s special menu is something that customers look forward to every week. With Tuesday’s arrival, you can enjoy Tuesday’s menu is

Popeyes Tuesday SpecialsPieceCaloriesPrice
Popeyes Fried Chicken (leg or thigh) 2 pcsMild 480 calories$ 3.49
Spicy 450 calories

Popeyes Tuesday, in particular, is one of many people’s favorite meals worldwide. But, my favorite part is the food, drink, and atmosphere, a real winner for me.

It is fascinating when you have hunger at its peak and want to give yourself a piece of Chicken as a treat, and there is no excuse for it. You can get Tuesday specials for less than what it would cost to purchase one item on their menu.

Popeye’s is well-known for its affordable food, and its Tuesday night specials prove it. We can buy Two pieces of dark meat Chicken for $1.14 each on Tuesdays. Of course, you don’t have to eat white meat, but there are always promotions that may suit your taste preferences. Take a look at the current promotions.

Popeyes Wednesday special 

It’s been a great start to the week, so why not make Wednesday even more special? Popeyes also offers Wednesday specials for its customers. It offers

Popeyes wednesday SpecialsPieceCaloriesPrice
Popeyes Chicken Nuggets 9 pcs 360 calories$4.99

The second most sought-after offer for food lovers is Popeyes Wednesday Special. Deals of Popeyes Wednesday, in particular, are gaining popularity, just like Tuesday’s special. 

Popeyes Thursday special

Popeyes makes every day special because of its food’s exceptional quality and taste. Thursdays are all about:

Popeyes Thursday SpecialsPieceCaloriesPrice
Fried Popeyes Chicken (leg or wing thigh) 3 pcsMild 570 calories$5.49
Spicy 630 calories

Popeyes Friday special

Fridays are the last day of the week; let your Saturday end with a delicious treat at Popeyes to give your tastebuds a special treat. Fridays have:

Popeyes Friday SpecialsPieceCaloriesPrice
Popeyes Cajun poutine 9 pcs 830 calories$3.99

Popeyes Saturday Special

The weekend is upon us, so why not add some joy to your days? Come and take Popeyes specials that is

Popeyes Saturday SpecialsPieceCaloriesPrice
Specials Popeyes Wings (Chicken Wings & Drumettes)5 pcs 440 calories$5.49


Popeyes Sunday offer

Sundays are definitely to be fun days to enjoy special meals. So, Good food is the best way to spend a Sunday. Sunday specials are filled with love.

Popeyes Sunday SpecialsPieceCaloriesPrice
Chicken Minis at Popeyes5 pcs 440 calories$ 4.29

Popeyes Chicken Specials for the Week

The Popeyes Restaurant loves to offer its customers tasty and affordable meals. However, some options may not be available for everyone, and some are only valid in specific locations. 

Signature Chicken Combo (2-PC) $7

Are you a fan of the warming kick of Popeyes’ Fried Chicken? You probably guessed that fried Chicken is a popular choice as it is tender and delicious. So the combo two-piece signature chicken is a good choice. However, other tasty, juicy, and crispy chicken deals will please large families or crowd-pleasers.

Signature chicken combo deals 

Popeyes Week SpecialsPieceFood ItemsPrice
Popeyes Chicken Family deal10 PcFries + drink$19.99
Classic Bone Chicken Free on placing
order above $10
2 Pc———Order above $10
Signature Chicken comboMashed potatoes + Drink$7
Popeyes Fried Chicken
Note: Only valid for
mobile orders
3 PcBiscuit$3.99
Popeyes Chicken Family meal14 Pc———-$24.99

Furthermore, this seasonal meal is only available in winter. It is a combo of two main things. These are

New Cajun Crispy Shrimp and Cajun Crispy Shrimp Surf and turf

1: Popeyes New Cajun Crisp shrimp: 

This deal includes 8 pcs of butterfly shrimp with a biscuit and one side dish.

2: Popeyes Cajun Crispy Shrimp Surf and Turf:

It has two iconic Popeyes chicken tenders with a biscuit and four crispy cajun shrimp.

Popeyes Chicken Double Sandwich Combo, Sandwiches sides, and more- $18

This skillet Popeyes Chicken Double Filling Hot Sandwich is an excellent choice for those looking to sink their teeth into the skillet Popeyes chicken double-deck sandwich. It comes with 2 Popeyes Chicken Sandwiches, two regular sides, two small drinks, and 2 Popeyes signature biscuits.

At Popeyes Chicken Cajun Flounder Sandwich

Popeyes changed fast food forever when they introduced this Sandwich. The Sandwich also includes creamy tartar sauce, creamy tartar sauce, and a toasted brioche bun. And this is guaranteed that when you take its bite, you will feel yourself in another world by its tempting flavor.

Free Chicken Sandwich at your 1st in-app purchase of $ 10

You may be surprised to know that Popeyes offers a discount on orders placed at home. It is always convenient to order from the Popeyes Chicken mobile app.

You can also get a free crispy or classic chicken sandwich by placing your first order. Let’s not delay and enjoy the joy of good food without any difficulties. You can add any ingredient to your meal or exclude it. It is your decision, so you can do what you want.

There is no worry if you are allergic to some food. There is a special Popeyes allergen menu to feel comfortable while having your harmless meal. 

Popeyes New Chocolate Beignets Land

Popeyes now offers a new meal at Popeyes Louisiana chicken: Chocolate Beignets Land. And these chocolate beignets are introduced in all the American states. These delicious beignets are available at: 

Popeyes Chocolate Beignets LandPiecePrice
Three Popeyes Chocolate Beignets3 pcs$1.99 
Six Chocolate Beignets at Popeyes6 pcs$3.99
Popeyes Twelve Chocolate Beignets 12 pcs$7.49

Popeyes 5$ Box deal

These 5 4 deals are the best deals that Popeyes Chicken offers at Popeyes. And this meal deal has two-piece Chicken, a regular side, and a biscuit.

Popeyes $ 20 meal deal

It is another favorite family meal deal that Popeyes offers. In this family deal, two combos are available that are

We will get Ten pieces – of Popeyes chicken family meal and two large sides with five biscuits. The second deal is 14 tender Popeyes chicken family meals with two large sides and five biscuits.

$12 Tenders for 2 

We can say this is a couple of two-person combo deals, or it is suitable for two people. If you are more hungry, then go for a $20 value. This Popeyes combo offers six chicken tenders, two regular Popeyes sides, and two biscuits. And it only costs $12.

Popeyes family feasts: Popeyes chicken specials

Are you looking for great family meals that can feed large groups? Let’s try Popeyes family feasts for four to four people.

Four sandwiches Popeyes chicken meal – $19.99

It is a plus point at Popeyes for its beloved customers that they can customize their Popeyes sandwiches according to their demand. Popeyes ‘ sandwich menu offers crispy, spicy, and delicious sandwiches with fries and Popeyes-style biscuits.

Big Family Feast – $33

It is the perfect meal for sharing. Dessert makes this meal even more delicious. It includes eight pieces of Popeyes chicken, three apple pies, three chicken sandwiches, a large side, and three biscuits. 

Bigger Family Feast-$60

This meal is the perfect size for large groups. There are 12 pieces of Popeyes signature chicken in this deal, two large Popeyes sandwiches, two large Popeyes sides of your choice, five apple pies, and five biscuits.

Prices and availability of Popeyes menu specials depend on the location.


Popeyes Tuesdays Special

So what can be the significant factor that Popeyes is different and unique from any other restaurant? Popeyes chicken has a crisp texture and the best and most yummy flavor, making Popeyes memorable for its customers. So to give themselves a treat, Popeyes’ beloved customers love to visit on Tuesday to have Popeyes’ special meal. Popeyes Chicken Special is a treat for them on Tuesday.

Trying TUESDAY SPECIAL 2 Pieces Of Chicken For $2.49 @ Popeyes

So this day is a urging day for Popeyes customers to have Tuesday’s special meal. They will offer two pcs of dark Chicken, one leg and one thigh. And if you are a meat lovers, then there is an option to add to your meal, that is white meat of chicken breast and chicken wings. That will cost $3.49.

Popeyes Canadas specials

Popeyes specials are available at any Popeyes franchise. And these Chicken Tuesday specials are almost famous everywhere. According to statistics, it is available in 259 Canadian locations as of June 17, 2021.

Moreover, Ontario has 208 Popeyes restaurant sites, which is 80% of all areas. So Popeyes chicken is the best choice to satisfy your culinary cravings. Additionally, other Popeyes Canada deals are also available.

DaysSpecial OfferPieceCaloriesPrice
Monday3 PC Tenders3 pcsSpicy flavored-300
Mild Flavoured-320
Tuesday2 PC Chicken (Leg & Thigh)2 pcsSpicy Flavored- 480
Mild Flavored- 450
Wednesday9 PC Nuggets9 pcs360 calories$4.99
Thursday3 PC Chicken (Leg, Wing and Thigh)3 pcsSpicy Flavored- 630
Mild Flavored- 570
FridayCajun Poutine830 Calories$3.99
Saturday5 Wings (Wingettes and Drumettes)5 pcs440 Calories$5.49
Sunday2 Chicken Minis 2 pcs530 Calories$4.29


Popeyes Daily Specials & Popeyes Promotions

It is famous for its promos and different new options and coupons. Popeyes Promotion is their marketing tool. Customers can access the most recent information whenever they introduce a new product or offer a deal.

In addition, If you want to get current daily deals. It is best practice to go on the Popeyes website and download the app. It is also clear it values customer preference above all else.

Popeyes Coupon deals

There is a chance you can get discounts on many items at Popeyes Louisiana Chicken. Sometimes, these coupons are only valid at specific locations and may have expired.

Also, You don’t need to log in to redeem the voucher at a restaurant. However, you must log in to the Popeyes website to order online. 

Final Thought

We have listed all of Popeye’s special offers in this article. So stop by this page if you are looking for a great meal. Try their specialities! They will all be waiting for you at the menu, displaying their prices without much thought.

Above all, It is top quality of the Popeyes restaurants to have the fantastic mouthwatering flavor of Popeyes chicken, and the best is that it is super affordable. So come and grab your favorite meal.

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Popeyes Customer Support Hours: 24/7 – the best time to call: 10:45 a.m.

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