The Best Popeyes Specials and Popeyes Deals and Coupon Offers 2023 Updated

Popeyes has the best deals and Popeyes Specials in town. If you are a fan of the chain, you will get what is in the discussion in the whole article. Popeyes is a fast-food restaurant located in various locations in America.

Additionally, If you are a regular customer of Popeyes, you should know that they offer great discounts and deals almost every day of the year. If you find that Popeyes has a great deal on certain products, you should jump at the chance to take advantage of that great offer.

Grab the Popeyes deals:

Moreover, Popeyes specials and deals are offered in the majority of Popeyes locations. Popeyes always provides a wide range of discounts to its customers.

Similarly, If you enjoy Popeyes and have all Popeyes menu items for an affordable price, you must be aware of Popeyes specials, coupons, and specials.

So, there are almost all of Popeye’s most popular deals and specials, including prices, here.

Popeyes Specials

So, the Popular ongoing Popeyes Deals, Popeyes coupons, and Specials are

The $5 Big BoxDaily deals  
$10 Big Box2 Can Dine,
Popeyes $7 signature deal$20 Meal Deal  
$6 Big BoxFamily deals
Popeyes Famous deals

All above mentioned Popeyes Deals are the most popular among customers’ ongoing Popeyes specials as of 2022

Further Popeyes Specials are:

  • Popeyes $6 big box
  • Popeyes $5 Big Box
  • Free Delivery
  • Popeyes Kids Deals (available at some locations)
  • $12 Family Bundle Deal
  • Popeyes Daily Specials
  • $19.99 Family Meal
  • $12 Tenders 2 Can Dine Meal
  • 2 Can Dine For $10 Deal
  • Popeyes $10 Bigger Box
  • Popeyes $20 Box
  • $24.99 Family Meal
  • $12 Delivery Special
  • $25 Meal Deal
  • Popeyes 3 Sandwich Family Meal
  • Popeyes 4 Sandwich Family Meal
  • Popeyes 5 Sandwich Family Meal
  • $19.99 Family Deal
  • 12 For $12 At Popeyes
  • $2.99 Popcorn Shrimp
  • Popeyes® Rip’N CHICKEN $7 Big Box
  • $8.99 Popeyes Offers

Popeyes $5 Big Box

$5 Big Box is the most well-known deal in Popeyes specials. Therefore, Popeyes’ $5 Big Box is also called the $5 Bonafide Big Box.

Popeyes $5 Big Box includes 2 pieces of Popeyes Bonafide Fried Chicken and three hand-crafted tenders with two Popeyes’ signature sides and the buttermilk biscuit, and this is awesome.

Furthermore, You can also pick your preferred sides from Popeyes $5 Big Box meals.

The Popeyes buttermilk biscuit is sold for $5 in the Bonafide Big Box, and the Popeyes biscuit is one of the popular items on Popeye’s breakfast menu.

So, choose Popeyes Bonafide Fried Chicken or the tenders that are hand-crafted, which you like the most; however, Bonafide Fried Chicken is more well-known than tenders made by hand.

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$12 Family Bundle Deal

Popeyes currently offers a family bundle of $12 across every Popeyes location. You can get a family bundle of $12 offer from your local Popeyes.

In addition to this, by buying this Popeyes family deal, you can enjoy it with your family and friends if you think about family fan love.

The $12 Family Bundle Deal contains ten pieces of Popeye’s iconic bone-in-fried chicken.

The $12 family deal provides ten pieces of bone-in-fried chicken; however, you can also order side dishes at an extra cost.

popeyes daily specials

Popeyes Daily Specials

Popeyes has offered daily specials for some time. Therefore, It is possible to eat for a reasonable price every day by choosing from the regular menu of specials.

You may have heard of Popeyes Tuesday specials that are more well-known than other days’ offers, such as Popeyes Wednesday specials.

Popeyes daily specials include:

  • The Monday Deal: Buy 3 Pieces Tenders for $4.99
  • Tuesday Specials 2 pieces of Popeyes chicken Leg as well as Popeyes chicken Thigh) priced at $3.49
  • Wednesday Specials 9 pieces of Nuggets for $4.99
  • Thursday Specials: 3 pieces of Popeyes Chicken thigh or Popeyes chicken wing (Leg Wing, Leg Thigh) priced at $5.49
  • Friday Specials: Cajun Poutine at $3.99
  • Saturday Specials five pieces Wings (Wingettes along with Drumettes) priced at $5.49
  • The Sunday Deal: two pieces of Chicken Minis for $4.29

$19.99 Family Meal

  • Popeyes $19.99 dinner for the whole family deal is a limited-time offer available now at most Popeyes restaurants.
  • You’ll get 14 Chicken Tenders along with two large sides and five biscuits in the $19.99 family meal offer.
  • This $19.99 Family meal is available on the Internet, which means you can purchase this Popeyes family meal deal online.
  • However, the Popeyes $19.99 family deal is only available for a short time, so you need to purchase it before the deal expires.
  • Popeyes $10 Bigger Box is considered buying Popeyes $ 10 Box in the deal. Popeyes $10 Bigger box is the larger version of Popeyes $5 Bigger Box.
  • Popeyes The $10 bigger box deal is having 2 pieces of bone-in Chicken, 2 Popeyes chicken tenders, 8 Popeyes shrimp, two biscuits, and two sides.
  • In addition to this, you can pick your favorite two sides from all sides available on the Popeyes 10 Bigger Box deal.
  • Popeyes 10 Bigger Box bargain is worth it because it provides 6 different menu items at only 10 bucks.
  • Note: Popeyes Shrimp box is also available at Popeyes if you want more Popeyes shrimp available at $2.99. Popcorn Shrimp at Popeyes.

2 Can Dine For $10 Deal

  • Popeyes 2-Can-Dine for just $10 is another great deal from Popeyes. This deal is becoming more popular.
  • Popeyes 2 Can Dine for $10 comprises five bone-in pieces mixed with Fried Chicken and two standard side dishes and biscuits. So, The price of 10 bucks just.
  • However, Popeyes 2-Can-Dine for $10 is also a limited-time offer, so you’re eager to grab this deal.

Popeyes $20 Box Specials

  • Popeyes $20-Box deal is available, and you can purchase it at every Popeyes branch.
  • Popeyes $20 Box deal comes with 10 slices of mixed bone-in chicken or tenders, two sides of a large size, and 5 biscuits.
  • There is also Chicken tender if you like to enjoy tenders. It’s a bargain at $20. among the offers of the Popeyes Larger Box.
  • This deal is worth the money due to the amount of the offer.

$12 Tenders 2 Can Dine Meal

  • Popeyes 12 Tenders for a $12 2-Can Eat meal is now a valid Popeye’s offer accessible at your nearest Popeyes restaurant.
  • Popeyes 12 dollars Tenders Two-Can Dine deal includes six Popeyes Chicken Tenders, Your choice of two regular-sized sides, and 2 fluffy and fresh Biscuits.
  • Popeyes The $12 tenders and 2 dine Specials are also available online.

$24.99 Family Meal Deal

  • Popeyes $24.99 Family meal special deal is for family members and guests as it has an extensive menu deal.
  • Popeyes $24.99 Family meal comprises 14 portions of Popeyes famously Fried Chicken and your choice of two large sides and seven delicious and light biscuits. These are nutritional as well,
  • It’s a Popeyes special. It is intended for between five and six people. So you can share this deal with family and friends.
  • You can also order a $24.99 family meal deal online and deliver it to your home by Popeyes restaurant.

$12 Delivery Special

  • Popeyes delivery special of $12 is still available for any Popeyes-resistant store that offers delivery service.
  • Popeyes Special delivery for $12 includes Popeyes six tenders with two regular sides, along with two biscuits.
  • To receive Popeyes special delivery for $12, You must place an order on the internet. You can find the special $12 delivery on Popeye’s official website.

$25 Meal Deal

  • Popeyes recently announced a $25-meal offer for customers. So, today, the $25 meal deal is available.
  • The $25 Popeyes
  • The deal comprises four chicken sandwiches you can pair with your selection of 4 Mild, Spicy, or Blackened Chicken Tenders and large-sized sides.
  • Spicy or Blackened Chicken both are available as part of the Popeyes $25 meal deals; however, you must choose one.

Popeyes 3 Sandwich Family Meal

  • Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen restaurant is always well-known for its family-friendly dinners.
  • Popeyes provides a range of family meals in various sizes. You can select any Popeyes specials and deals according to your family members.
  • In the Popeyes 3 Sandwich family meal package, there are 8 pieces of the famous Popeyes fried chicken (mild or hot), 3 Popeyes chicken sandwiches, 1 big Popeyes side, four Popeyes special biscuits, and 3 crispy, chunky and delicious apple pies.
  • The entire Popeyes 3 Sandwich family meal costs around $38; however, the cost will vary based on the location.

Popeyes 4 Sandwich Family Meal Deal

  • Popeyes 4 sandwich family meal special offers are popular among Popeyes family meal special offers.
  • Popeyes 4 Sandwich family meal deals contain 4 Popeyes chicken sandwiches, one large side, and four delicious biscuits.
  • The Popeyes 4 Sandwich family meal special price is around $22.

Popeyes 5 Sandwich Family Meal

  • Popeyes Five Sandwich Family meal deals are a huge and costly deal, too.
  • Popeyes 5 Sandwich family meal special features 12 portions of Popeyes’ iconic chicken (mild or hot), Five sandwich chickens, 2 big dishes, 6 biscuits, and five apple pies.
  • Popeyes 5 Sandwich family meal Price is more than $60. However, the cost can be different.

$19.99 Family Deal

  • Popeyes $19.99 Family offer available online and in dine-in. You can also receive the delivery at home.
  • Popeyes $19.99 Family deal includes 10 pieces of chicken and the choice of two large sides and five biscuits.
  • There are two extra-large meals in Popeyes menu deals that you will love to have. Further, The deals are available at almost all Popeyes places.

12 For $12 At Popeyes

  • Popeyes 12 For $12 offer is a limited-time offer in all Popeyes places.
  • The Popeyes 12 for $12 deal includes 5 pieces of Chicken, 5 Tenders, and two Popeyes mashed Potatoes.
  • You can purchase the 12 Popeyes menu items at $12; however, the average price is over 20 bucks.

$2.99 Popcorn Shrimp

  • This $2.99 Popcorn Shrimp Popeyes special is available only through the Popeyes official site.
  • You can purchase Popeyes Shrimp only for $2.99 online, and you can also get home delivery.
  • To receive the $2.99 Popcorn Shrimp special, you must order it through the Popeyes site.

Popeyes® Rip’N CHICKEN $7 Big Box

  • Popeyes 7 Big Box deal is also referred to by Popeyes(r) “Rip’N’Chicken” $7 Big Box.
  • Popeyes(r) Rip’N Chicken: The $7 big Box special includes 2 pieces of the signature Chicken combo, one regular side 1, 1 Biscuit, and a Small Drink.
  • In addition, You can get Popeyes(r) Rip’N Chicken for $7 for the Big Box deal at your local Popeyes restaurant.

$8.99 Popeyes Offers

  • There are a variety of deals currently available at Popeyes, along with $8.99. Popeyes Offers is another bargain you shouldn’t skip.
  • Popeyes provides the 2 Can Dine Menu that comes with your choice of five chicken pieces, Signature Chicken, as well as two regular-size sides, and two Popeyes biscuits at $8.99.
  • However, the $8.99 Popeyes Offer is not available at all Popeyes.
  • Also, with this Popeyes Locator, you will be able to determine whether there is a deal for an $8.99 2-Can Dine offer on offer or not at your nearby Popeyes.
NOTE: Check Popeyes Allergen menu also

Popeyes Free Delivery

So the big advantage is that Popeyes offers free delivery and is available to customers. With Popeyes’ free delivery, you will save money ordering more menu items. Count your calories and order your favorite food item if you are diet-conscious.

If you buy more than $10 in food and receive no delivery charges from Popeyes. You can place an order for Popeyes menu items on the internet.

Visit Popeyes’ official website to place an order for more than ten bucks and receive free delivery to your house.

Final Thought

Do you like going to Popeyes? Do you like eating fried chicken?

So, You should check out their deals if you answered yes to both questions.

  • If you like eating at Popeyes but don’t always have the time or desire to wait for the Popeyes opening hours, you should try Popeyes lunch deals.
  • If you eat at Popeyes on the weekends, So before ordering, you should check out their special deals and offers to save dollars.
  • If you like eating at Popeyes during the holidays, you should plan to make sure that you don’t miss their special holiday deals.
  • Popeyes specials are on offer at all Popeyes locations. In addition, your closest Popeyes also has offers that you can take advantage of these popeyes deals and offers mentioned above,
  • Popeyes Big Box deals are the most sought-after across the country. Mainly, Popeyes $5 Big Box and $10 Bigger Box are offered in all Popeyes restaurants.
  • The Family Meal deal is becoming popular for its affordable prices. Even a $25 Family Meal deal is also available at Popeyes.

Before purchasing Popeyes food items from the Popeyes menu, be sure to look up Popeyes deals, popeyes specials, and coupon offers on Popeyes menu items to have them at a lower cost.


What’s the new Popeyes deal?

The fast-food chain has brought its Big Box Deal for $6 for $6, including Fried tenders or bone-in chicken combos (bone-in or tenders), two of their distinctive Popeyes sides, and biscuits with biscuits buttermilk and a small drink.

What is in the Big Box Deal for $ 7.00?

In Popeyes, the $7 Big Box Deal includes 2 pieces of Signature Chicken Combo, One regular Popeyes side, and one Popeyes biscuit. There is also one small drink for $7, the big box deal.

Does Popeyes still have the $5 box?

It is a $5 big box only available by ordering ahead through Popeyes’ website or the Popeyes app. If you make your order in person or at the drive-thru, it will be The $5 Big Box. And Yes, if you purchase in person, it will charge you an additional dollar.

How Do I Get Free Popeyes? 

You can receive a complimentary large-sized side of Popeyes when you purchase the Family Meal. Also, you can get the free Popeyes after downloading the restaurant’s mobile app. 

Does Popeyes have a Senior Discount?

Popeyes offers Senior discounts of 10 percent for customers at least 55 years old. You can also avail a drink at Popeyes, which is free.

How to find and enjoy Popeyes coupons, Popeyes deals, and Popeyes Specials and promotions?

Finding Popeyes specials, Popeyes Deals, and promotions and offers is easy. To learn about ongoing promotions at your local store, visit the Popeyes website and click on the locations. Another option is to make an order online and create a Popeyes account.

With affordable rates and specials at Popeyes, there is Another benefit of going to the Popeyes restaurant. They don’t limit deals, offers, and coupons for online purchases only. Therefore, customers can utilize certain coupons to use at Popeyes as well.

So, Check the Popeyes website or Popeyes mobile app to order online or visit any Popeyes near you to grab the Popeyes deals and Popeyes specials and coupons.

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