Popeyes catering menu with Prices : Order Popeyes catering Online

Popeyes’ catering menu is designed to meet the needs of its customers. 

Consider Popeyes Catering menu if you are planning an event soon and need catering ideas. Certainly, fried chicken is the meat that will never fail to delight from all the possible meats on this planet. It doesn’t matter whether it’s for a few or a hundred people. Hosting a large event or gathering with people may make you worried about food. The food at your event can make or break the event’s success, so you should consider this when planning your event.

Cater through delivery Sites

Popeyes does not offer a catering menu directly on its website, but its delivery partners, including Grub Hub, do, including other delivery sites that provide catering services.

popeyes catering order

They claim that the catering services they offer cover a wide variety of large and small events and two main types of catering packages for you to choose from the options: the chicken lovers package and the party pack plus and claim to cover all kinds of events.

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Popeyes vs Grub Hub and EzCater

Popeyes offers other small catering packs under the Family Meals section of its official website: Like Signature Family Meals, Popeyes Chicken Tenders, and Crispy Chicken Nuggets Family Meals.

There are eight different sizes of catering packs from Grub Hub, ranging from 8 chicken pieces to 100 chicken pieces. You will find almost equal chicken wings, breasts, thighs, and legs in each size of the Chicken lovers pack.

Popeye’s chicken menu offers a wide selection of options, even if you order only chicken. In addition to the chicken, the Party Pack Plus includes up to 8 sides (for the 100-chick party pack plus) and a dessert selection. Guests will also receive Popeyes biscuits as a sweet memory of the party or event.

Does Popeyes Cater?

Catering services are not provided directly by Popeyes. Grubhub & EZ Cater allow you to order catering from popeyes.

Grub Hub Popeyes Catering Prices

A detailed Popeyes catering menu with pricing is tabulated below

Popeyes Catering Menu : Chicken Lovers

how much does it cost for Popeyes catering? So you can see below Popeyes catering menu options that come both in mild to spicy

Popeyes Catering menuPopeyes Menu DealsPrice
Catering the  8 Pieces Chicken OnlyThat Includes 2 legs, 2 thighs, 2 wings and 2 breasts.$17.99 only
Catering 12 Pieces Chicken OnlyThat Includes 3 legs, 3 thighs, 3 wings and 3 breasts pieces$24.99 only
Catering 16 Pieces Chicken OnlyThat Includes 4 legs, 4 thighs, 4 wings and 4 breasts$31.99 only
Catering 24 Pieces Chicken OnlyThat Includes 6 legs, 6 thighs, 6 wings and 6 breasts$47.99 only
Catering 30 Pieces Chicken OnlyThat Includes 8 legs, 8 thighs, 7 wings and 7 breasts$58.99 only
Catering 50 Pieces Popeyes Chicken OnlyThat Includes 12 legs, 13 thighs, 13 wings and 12 breasts$94.99 only
Catering 75 Pieces popeyes  Chicken OnlyIncludes 19 legs, 19 thighs, 19 wings and 18 breasts.$139.99 only
Catering 100 Pieces Chicken OnlyIncludes 25 legs, 25 thighs, 25 wings and 25 breasts$169.99 only

Catering Party Pack Plus

That Comes mild or spicy version.

Popeyes catering menu with pricesPopeyes menu OptionsPrice
Catering 8 Pieces Chicken Party Pack PlusIt is Served with 4 Popeyes biscuits and 1 large side.$28.99 only
Catering 12 Pieces Chicken Party Pack PlusIt is Served with 6 popeyes biscuits and 2 large sides.$38.99
Catering 16 Pieces Chicken Party Pack PlusIt is Served with 8 biscuits and 3 large sides$49.99
Catering 24 Pieces Chicken Party Pack PlusIt is Served with 12 biscuits and 3 large sides.$66.99
Catering 30 Pieces Chicken Party Pack PlusServed with 12 popeyes biscuits and 4 large sides$77.99
Catering 50 Pieces Chicken Party Pack PlusIt is Served with 24 biscuits and 4 large sides.$119.99
Catering 75 Pieces Chicken Party Pack PlusIt is Served with 36 biscuits and 6 large sides$165.99
Catering 100 Pieces Chicken Party Pack PlusIt is Served with 40 biscuits and 8 large sides$239.99

Catering Miscellaneous

You can specify the amount you need in the place of Special Instructions.

Catering MiscellaneousOn to selection
The Catering Plates$0.00+
Catering Utensils$0.00+
Catering Spoons$0.00+
Catering Tongs$0.00+

EZ Cater’s prices may differ from GrubHub’s. These prices come from GrubHub delivery website.

Popeyes catering Menu is Amazing

To impress their customers, Popeyes always goes the extra mile. Popeyes Catering Menu strives to provide its customers with perfect food. Providing food with original taste when you have a party, any occasion, or big family gathering is one of the major problems people face when they have a party, any event, or a big gathering. You don’t have to worry about anything because Popeyes Catering Menu is there for you.

popeyes catering menu
Popeyes catering menu

You can enjoy Popeyes’ best-tasting chicken right in the comfort of your own home. Popeyes chicken is the best you’ll ever taste, so sit back and relax. Popeyes prides itself on providing a delicious meal at a reasonable price. Popeyes offers two methods of ordering.

You can order online or over the phone from Popeyes. Select one of the super meals, and you’re all set. Popeyes chicken is crispy and buttery, which is why people love it. There is still much more to Popeyes than just Popeyes fried chicken. Whenever you need us, Popeyes is there to help. Here is the most recent Popeye’s Catering menu.

How to order Popeyes Catering?

For Popeyes catering order you can choose from five different options based on the number of guests and the type of food you want at Popeyes, depending on what you want. There are catering options available for groups of 20,30,50,75 and 100 guests at Popeyes in addition to catering menus. Or order Popeyes catering online through Grub Hub delivery website is preferred for large events because of its ability to deliver up to 100 chicken pieces per pack or more.

popeyes catering near me

Furthermore, Popeyes also offers food menus with unlimited servings if you want a catering menu for more than 500 people. There are several mind-blowing deals included in Popeyes catering menu that you shouldn’t miss out on:

Popeyes Catering Menu to Serves 20 people

Looking for a budget-friendly way to celebrate a family member’s or friend’s success?

Make sure you do not miss out on the Popeyes catering menu available to twenty people at a time, so take advantage of it before it is too late. There are 60 pieces of chicken tenders or mixed pieces of chicken included in the offer, as well as mashed potatoes with Cajun gravy and red beans and rice as side options.

This dish is served with two dozen buttermilk biscuits (24). What’s more, guess what? You will only have to pay $120 for this.

You will surely enjoy this offer as it will tantalize your taste buds and satisfy your appetite. Additionally, you can choose how spicy you want your food to be. You have the choice of keeping it mild, spicy, or over-spiced. It all depends on your taste.

popeyes catering menu online

Popeyes catering for 30 persons.

Is there any party you have organized for a loved one or a business purpose? At the same time, you are anxious about ordering food that will taste great and be of high quality—no need to worry about catering anymore because Popeyes’ 30-person catering menu has returned to the rescue. For only $180, you can get a delicious 75-piece mixed chicken or 90 handcrafted tenders, two favorite side dishes, and three dozen biscuits.

Popeyes Catering to Serve 50 person

With this offer, you will receive 100 pieces of mouthwatering chicken, three sides, and four dozen biscuits, along with your order. This deal is the right choice if you want a Popeyes party deal. There is no doubt that this offer alone will guarantee that your party will be a success and that your guests will have a great time for only $280.

popeyes big box

Additionally, you can customize your order. A nutritional chart with each food product shows the benefits, Popeyes allergens, ingredient sensitivity, and gluten-free information in Popeyes gluten-free menu if you require it.

Popeyes accepts two types of orders. They offer catering services both over the phone and online. No matter what, you’re all set!

You can multiply this for as many guests as possible – 30, 50, 75, etc. Popeye’s has ready-to-go fried chicken! Depending on the size of your party, you can count on their catering team to create the perfect meal.

Popeyes recommends determining how many are in your party, then choosing one of the already available catering packages. 

There are limited catering options available at Popeyes, but they will surely be a hit with everyone attending your event. A Popeyes chicken tender platter is a perfect choice for any party, get-together, or celebration, and their mixed chicken platter is ideal for any event, no matter the size.

For those looking for something sweet to finish your meal, there are also biscuits and desserts you can choose from. Whatever type of event you are planning, Popeyes’ catering options will be able to meet your needs.

Party Sides

The best way to ensure your guests enjoy this Louisiana experience is to serve party sides alongside it. Traditionally, Popeyes Red beans, Popeyes coleslaw, and Popeyes mashed potatoes are some of the most famous party sides.


In order to accommodate all guests, there are a variety of Popeyes sides also available.

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Enjoy Popeyes Catering Menu Offerings

In order for you to impress your guests with your choices, you need to get familiar with all of the different popeyes options as far as popeyes sides and popeyes dipping sauces are concerned.

Your next event can include the Louisiana flavor of Popeyes, which is a classic American restaurant. You’re planning a picnic, a family reunion, or a tailgate party? Popeyes will ‘Cater the Flavor! 

Good News for you

Popeyes has recently launched a promotion for customers ages 18 and older. The Grand Prize is a trip to the Bahamas for the winner of an online football game. As well as Popeyes Catering coupons if available on coupon sites, and Popeyes also offers discounts. Depending on which coupon you choose, you may be able to upgrade your meal or receive a big discount.

Final Thought

Popeyes provides one of the highest quality food and catering services available. Popeyes is the ideal choice for any type of event that is intended to be as successful as possible. If you want everything to run smoothly, you should definitely choose Popeyes rather than turning your event into a food disaster.

They offer set menus that are suited for groups of 20, 30, 50, 75, or 100 people so that you can serve a large group with ease without having to worry about your wallet being ripped off.

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You now have all the information you need about Popeyes catering, so now you know what it is all about. It doesn’t matter if you are planning a small gathering or a large event; Popeyes offers a catering service that will meet your needs. Moreover, they offer convenient delivery options so you can enjoy their delicious food without any hassles. You should not forget to take a look at Popeyes when you are looking for a catering service in the future. It will not let you down in any way.


How to place catering orders at Popeyes?

You can place catering orders at Popeyes by calling (808) 841-6600 (10 a.m. – 5 p.m. HST). Online ordering or direct contact with the restaurant are also options. You can also order online if you need to place an order quickly or if you prefer to do so online.

Do Popeyes accept checks for catering orders?

Popeyes accepts business checks only for catering orders. There will be a disappointment if you intend to pay via personal check.

What is the minimum catering order requirement?

There is a minimum order amount of $100 for catering orders from Popeyes. For smaller events, you might want to consider their regular menu rather than their event menu.

Popeyes Catering: How Do You Order?

There are many ways to order catering from Popeyes, including physically going to their store, calling them, placing an order over the phone, ordering online, or using EzCater or Door Dash if you have small orders.

The Grub Hub delivery website is preferred for large events because of its ability to deliver up to 100 chicken pieces per pack or more.

Getting started is simply a matter of going to the website, selecting a restaurant, entering your address for delivery, adding your favorite catering packs, and selecting a payment method. The process is done in a matter of minutes.

Can I pay in advance for a catering order?

In fact, yes. In addition to accepting payments in-store, Popeyes accepts payments online as well.

How to place catering orders online at Popeyes?

Unfortunately Popeyes is not completing Popeyes catering order directly. You can check Popeyes catering delivery sites like GrubHuB and EzCater. Fill out the catering order form on Popeyes’ website to order catering. It is very important that you provide us with your contact information, the date and time of your event, how many people will attend the event, and what type of food you would like to order for the event.

A Popeyes representative will confirm your order once you have submitted your payment information. We have a wide range of catering services to meet all your catering needs, whether you are planning a small get-together or a large event.

Does Popeyes Catering deliver?

You can order Popeyes Catering online through delivery sites or contact popeyes. And All orders are subject to a $25 delivery fee. If you want to save on catering costs, pick up your order rather than have it delivered. Also order Popeyes catering online and to check Popeyes catering menu near me through Grub Hub delivery website or visit Popeyes.com

What is the cost of Popeyes’ bigger family feast?

There is no better choice for large groups than Popeyes’ bigger family feast. In this package, you will receive 50 pieces of mixed Popeyes chicken or Popeyes chicken tenders, one side dish, and 24 Popeyes biscuits. Budget-conscious event planners will find them an excellent choice at prices starting at just $100.

What is in the Popeyes family box?

For large groups, Popeyes family boxes are a great option to choose from. There is a 50-piece mixed chicken or tenders meal including one side dish, 24 Popeyes biscuits, and one party side. Event planners on a budget can take advantage of this option by paying as little as $100, which makes it an excellent choice.

What to choose if you’re organizing a big grand event?

Popeyes catering menu caters to all types of parties, from small to large. You can obtain an offer of $410 when you are catering for 75 people, for example, which includes 150 PCs of mixed chicken or handcrafted tenders, four party sides, six dozen biscuits (72 biscuits in all), as well as a mouthwatering selection of the most popular and tasty appetizers.).

You can, for example, go for the menu which serves 100 people if you wish to surprise your partner, who loves Popeyes, on the most important day of their lives while giving them a wonderful engagement ceremony at the same time. It would be the perfect menu for the most important day of their lives. On the menu, there are 200 PCs of mixed chicken and handcrafted tenders, as well as 6 party sides and 8 dozen biscuits, which are available only for $550.

What comes in a Popeyes platter?

This is your chance to get your flavor fix, no matter if you want two, three, or four pieces of crispy chicken and sides – this is your chance to have it all!

Popeyes Corporate Office Address: 250 Williams Street NW Atlanta, GA 30303 United States

Popeyes Corporate Phone Number: 1-(404) 459-4450

You can also get in touch with the Popeyes team through a form on their website.

Official Website     popeyes.com

Locations  https://www.popeyes.com/store-locator/service-mode

Offers popeyes.com/offers

Sign Up https://www.popeyes.com/signup

App  Google Play and App Store

Popeyes Social Media Links

Popeyes Facebook Link facebook.com/Popeyes

Popeyes Instagram Link: instagram.com/Popeyes

Popeyes Twitter Link: twitter.com/Popeyes

Popeyes YouTube Link: youtube.com/Popeyes

Popeyes Catering Near Me

To get Information regarding Popeyes catering near me call to Popeyes Customer Support or visit Popeyes catering delivery service providers GrubHub website: GrubHub.com/popeyescatering

· Popeyes Customer Service Number:

· 1-877-POPEYES

· 1-877-767-3937

Popeyes Customer Support Hours: 24/7 – the best time to call: 10:45 a.m.

As can be seen in the above table, the Popeyes Catering Menu has been listed; hopefully, you may find it useful, but if you have any type of questions about it, please do not hesitate to leave a comment in the box below. We would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

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