Popeyes Cajun Fries: Eating Vegetarian At Popeyes

Starved and craving for fries? You can satisfy your hunger by stopping by Popeyes to get Cajun fries. Popeyes Cajun fries are crispy and filled with flavor and go well with any sauce for dipping. The mouthwatering food is at the table.

You’re probably wondering, what is it that thing that makes Popeyes Cajun fries different from other fries? The secret lies in the seasoning that goes with the French fries. Popeyes fries are seasoned with Cajun seasoning, and this is a rustic seasoning mix that originates from Louisiana, The birthplace of the delicious Cajun food.

Cajun Fries seasoning

The fries are packed with flavor by incorporating cayenne, pepper, oregano, and various other ingredients. There are many French fry seasoning suggestions on the web. However, Cajun fry seasonings are unique on their own unique, and are easy to make at home too!

popeyes cajun fries

There are also so many other menu options available. For instance, the Popeyes specials. The Popeyes specials prices include daily deals on meals. There is also Kids meal menu available at selected near Popeyes location.

Popeyes Fries Price and & Calories

Monday3 PC Tenders300-320$4.99
Tuesday2 PC Chicken450-480$3.49
WednesdayAny Sandwich400$5.49
Thursday3 PC Chicken530-570$5.49
FridayCajun Poutine830$3.99
Saturday5 Wings440$5.49
Sunday2 Chicken Minis530$4.29
Popeyes Fries Price and & Calories

 The daily offer begins at $3.49 and does not exceed $6. In addition, an alcoholic medium drink or regular side dish can add $1.29 each.

What are these Yummy Fries made?

The Popeyes fries contain only a few ingredients. In the beginning, you should take russet potatoes. They’re perfect for fries because they are deficient in moisture and strong enough to maintain their shape while frying. After taking them out of the water for a while and thoroughly drying them, cut them into equal strips.

Process in making Popeyes Cajun Fries

The following process in making popeyes cajun fries is with the Cajun seasoning.

The flavoring can alter to suit your preferences, so everything is according to your preferences. Salt, chili powder, garlic powder, black pepper sugar, oregano, cayenne, paprika, onion powder, and a little turmeric are a few commonly used spices to make this.

Popeyes’ unique seasoning mix is a fiery, tangy mixture that makes you want to take a bite of homemade fries. However, they’re not able to compare to the taste of Popeye’s famous recipe.

How many calories are in Popeyes fries?

Some questions arise in our minds about Popeyes fries, like calories. The regular fries contain around 268 calories, while those with the Popeyes large fries control 770 calories. This calorie consumption is so much, but this could be why it is fast food, and we are paying for the flavors.

If you are taking this, then do not take it and go for other Popeyes menu options, but if you want to try, you can always exercise. You’ll need it, too. After you have tasted these fries, there’s no turning back to the plain old salted fried fries.

Popeyes Fried Turkey Cost

The fries aren’t the only thing unique that Popeyes sells. If you’re planning to go to Popeyes at the time of Thanksgiving, you should check out their Cajun Fried Turkey.

Like their fries, turkeys are sprinkled with Cajun seasoning and fried popeyes. It is not usual because we are not getting it every day. The Popeyes turkey fried cost starts at $39.99. The price varies by location or based on where you are. 

Request for reservations for turkey

Customers can make reservations by calling or going to a restaurant. The cost may appear expensive, but it’s incredibly reasonable after the delicious flavors entice your taste buds. It could be the most delicious turkey you have ever experienced.

After looking at these tempting offers, you will find no other restaurant. The best evidence of Popeye’s popularity is their famous chicken sandwich, which created hundreds of customers and an uproar that caused the need for a supply.

Popeyes fries, in addition to other delicious choices, are available at a reasonable cost per serving. 


What are popeyes Cajun Fries?

These popeyes cajun fries are typically prepared with salt. However, Cajun fries are seasoned with popeyes Cajun seasoning. And this Cajun is a spice that gives fries a spicy and smokey flavor similar to what you’d find in a barbecue.

Are these Popeyes Fries vegan?

Popeyes fries should be vegan, but no, you will be amazed to know that these Popeyes fries are not vegan. The Popeyes company says that its fries are made with cholesterol, which isn’t made from plants. There are also reports that the fries are made from animal Lard or animal fat.

What is the cost of Popeyes fries?

Cajun Fries(Regular) – $1.79Cajun Fries(Large) – $3.99

Popeyes Cajun Fries

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