Popeyes chicken Loaded Wrap Price & Calories

Most awaiting superb flavor Popeyes chicken-loaded wraps are here. Do you want something delicious but are bored of eating burgers every day? Don’t look any further because Popeyes serves a very tasty, flavor-filled and loaded chicken wrap.

This wrap will certainly give you enough food and fill your appetite for the entire day. The loaded chicken wrap is a mouthwatering delicious golden crispy chicken tender, rice, and red beans wrapped in a delightful cheddar tortilla. There is another way to enjoy and eat this wrap with hot sauce to your preference, or take its mild version.

Popeyes chicken wrap is not common.

Popeyes offers the most delicious chicken that is perfectly fried in the world. Similarly, Popeyes offers super yummy rice and tasty red beans. When you mix fresh, hot, and spicy tender chicken with delicious rice and red beans, then wrap it all in the delicious cheddar tortilla.

WOW, It’s perfect for your taste buds and satisfies your appetite. We all know that chicken sandwiches are fantastic, and they are best to serve for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well. Still, the hot and spicy chicken wrap is something completely different and is deserving of its place on the menu all the time.

Popeyes loaded wrap ingredients

Furthermore, the interspersed ingredients give Popeyes chicken wraps an exceptional taste. The smooth rice and red beans, paired with the crunch, moist, and delicious chicken tenders, create a feast within your mouth. While it’s not a wrap with tomatoes, lettuce, onions, or any other vegetable commonly used in wraps, it is still a powerful combination of rice and beans.

The food is well-balanced and can be amplified by condiments and sauce for dipping. And on top of that, the cost will barely leave any difference in your budget. And that is the best part. So, Enjoy your favorite food.

Popeyes Loaded Chicken Wrap Price

The pricing of the crispy chicken wrap is.

Popeyes Menu item Price
Loaded Chicken Wrap$1.99
Loaded Chicken Wrap– Combo$4.99
Popeyes Loaded Chicken Wrap Price

The combo package includes a standard food item, “Loaded Chicken Wrap,” and a drink. However, the most important thing is, do you understand the important factor of this delicious super deal? You receive a yummy wrap for under $2! and seriously, It’s a steal.

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Popeyes Wrap Calories

The most amazing and inspiring Popeyes experience of high-protein, nutritional wraps is that they can be enjoyed by pairing it with classic dishes.

Here’s the nutritional info on Popeyes Louisiana kitchen-loaded chicken wrap.

 CaloriesCalories from fatSat fatSodium ProteinCarbs
 3101105 g790 mg14 g35 g
Popeyes Loaded Chicken Wrap Calories

It is especially perfect for those looking to shed pounds using diet and exercise and could be an excellent choice to eat anytime.

(Three hundred ten (310) calories, 12 g of fat (5 5 g saturated fat and 0 grams trans fat), 790 mg sodium. 35 g carbohydrates (3 g fiber and no sugar), 19 grams of protein.)

You’ll enjoy the same delicious Po’Boy taste in the high protein wrap at only half the calories. At 310 calories, Popeyes, loaded wrap is packed with handmade chicken tenders, red beans, rice, and the warm cheddar tortilla to make the perfect filling and tasty dinner.

As we all know, this food is not high in calories, and many consider it healthy compared to regular burgers! There’s no harm in buying two of them to treat yourself.

Popeyes with chicken wrapped in a loaded wrap nutrition

Why is it Different?

Because of its unique Fried Chicken, all its customers want new and exciting dishes made with chicken. The chicken wrap with a filling is one of the many items that Popeyes customers love.

The result was that a significant effect of petitions occurred for chicken-loaded wrappers. That’s why they came to the decision to bring the wrap back.

If you take a glance at this, you’ll be in heaven. The secret recipe of the Popeye is well-known to all. However, it starts with their famous chicken wrap, made of freshly cut white chicken meat. And the drumsticks seasoned perfectly before being fried and breaded, deep-fried to golden on both sides, just as we love the taste!

Regular Sides Option

In keeping with the passion of Popeyes customers for their full chicken wrap, Popeyes offers a variety of side dishes that you can pick according to what you prefer on the Popeyes menu. There are a few options, including:

Popeyes Red Beans & Rice

Rice and red beans wrapped in wraps? It is a totally optional side in case you’re obsessing about it. The seasoned rice has an aroma of chicken broth, and the beans have a nutty flavor and are smoky, similar to a stew of beans with a meaty smoke.

Popeyes Cole Slaw

This delicious, tangy, cool treat with a refreshing flavor is a healthier choice. It is very healthy and delicious, and the important thing is the perfect match for any chicken recipe.

Popeyes Cajun Fries

Chicken fried chicken? Yes, yes, please. It is a great option. The cajun spice adds a kick and adds more taste.

Popeyes Mashed Potatoes

The potatoes are deliciously creamy, as is the gravy, which tastes unique in the best possible way. It makes an excellent side dish.

Popeyes Buttermilk Biscuits

These biscuits made of buttermilk are loved by all ages and are served as a delicious accompaniment to Fried chicken. It’s a great side dish to this wrap.

Popeyes Macaroni & Cheese

The deliciously creamy and tangy side dish is sold in a few places. Make sure to take a look at it aside with the wrap.

Common food Allergies and Popehes Allergen menu

Some people worry about whether or not the meals they eat should be adopted into their diets, and there’s a list of items that the chicken is loaded with:

  • Egg
  • Milk
  • Wheat
  • MSG

Suppose you’re sensitive to any of these substances. In that case, it is recommended to stay clear of the chicken wrap loaded with ingredients. However, there is a cost to being healthy, and that’s eating this tasty dinner. Popeyes has an allergen menu that includes amazing options.

Final Thought

In the end, Try Popeyes Louisiana kitchen-cooked chicken wrap served with aside. It’s worth taking the deal that it’s not only nutritious but also affordable! Overall, it’s an excellent choice from Popeye’s delicious Chicken menu.

Popeyes offers the most delicious Fried Chicken on the planet. They also have the most delicious rice and red beans. It’s perfect for your taste and taste buds when you mix fresh, hot, and spicy tender with mouthwatering rice and red beans and wrap it in the cozy cheddar tortilla.

It’s no secret that chicken sandwiches are fantastic. Still, the hot and spicy chicken wrap is an entirely different type of wonderful. It deserves to be on the menu all the time. Please, Popeyes, Give us another reason to love The Chicken. Reintroduce the wrap!

Try the chicken wrap to get an intense flavor made with a tortilla. This wrap wraps a golden crisp, all-white meat chicken breast that is tender and Popeyes’ famous rice and red beans into a warm cheddar tortilla, served with the addition of Louisiana Hot Sauce.

Popeyes chicken Wrap review (Thoughts)

I believe that I am obsessed with this wrap. It’s a basic wrap, but it is an incredible mix of flavors. The tender chicken is moist and seasoned using Popeyes Cajun seasoned breading, which provides a touch of spice. Most wraps for fast food use the same fillings: a little lettuce, a bit of tomato, and a bit of cheese.

The Popeyes wrap doesn’t contain any tomato or lettuce and instead includes the main ingredients, rice and red beans. Rice and red beans aren’t anything special, but I think they can provide a little bit of the soft. The whole thing is wrapped in a yummy cheese-filled tortilla. I’m not too fond of any Louisiana hot sauce; however, it’s available as an option if you’d like more spice.

The breaded chicken and the rice and red beans create a delicious and distinctive combination. Inexpensive. It’s great for rubbing in the car.

It will take at least 2 to give you a fuller feeling. You’ll be wanting more—a lot of sodium in a not-very-fulfilling wrap.

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