Popeyes Gets in Popeyes Black Friday

Famous fastfood restaurant Popeyes Wants in on Black Friday Gala with Popeyes Blackened Chicken

The restaurant is getting in on the Popeyes Black Friday festivities this year with some special deals and discounts. Louisiana-style chicken and sandwiches are this fast-food chain’s specialty, and its loyal customers are sure to be excited about these Black Friday savings. Popeyes will be offering a $5 discount on any 10-piece chicken purchase, as well as a free large order of biscuits with any purchase of $10 or more.

This year, Popeyes is getting in on the Black Friday festivities with a special offer for their customers. From November 23-25, customers can purchase a $10 gift card for only $5. This offer is available at participating Popeyes locations nationwide.

Popeyes Black Friday’s Free Chicken Sandwich Snagging Event is like this: Cyber Week.


Popeyes Coupons and Popeyes Gift Cards

During Black Friday and Cyber Week, Popeyes is giving free chicken sandwiches to anyone who spends more than $20 in gift cards. To get the free sandwich, simply purchase a $20 Popeyes gift card online or in-store, and you’ll receive a code for a free chicken sandwich. The offer is valid from November 27 through December 4, so make sure to take advantage of it while you can. Popeyes is also offering free t-shirts as they disclosed it on Popeyes twitter handle.

popeyes tees
Popeyes tees

Restaurant Brands International (QSR) – get a free report that this is the name of Popeyes you feel drawn to first when you hear the phrase “fried chicken.” The company’s success is the illustrative of the huge popularity fried chicken enjoys. And its function has developed from a small eatery in the suburbs to an international chain. Of course, the news that the chain had seen a steady increase in popularity in 2019 definitely helped solidify its renown around town: People showed up at new locations and buildings in order to get access to the highly sought-after Popeyes Chicken Sandwich. Most restaurants ran out of these sandwiches quickly.

Get the Deal on Popeyes App

Even since Popeye’s eatery began, consumers have been attempting to promote their chicken sandwich. To commemorate the big 5-0, individuals who ordered $5 or more worth of food through the Popeyes app could include two pieces of chicken for 59 cents, which is how much consumers would pay for a two-piece if the classics fast-food eatery opened in 1972.

For the prior few years, Popeyes has offered a Black Friday promotion. This past year, the chain offered a free chicken dinner when you purchase any large drink. This year’s offer is even better, as you don’t need to purchase a beverage to take advantage of the deal. Regardless of if you’re craving a quick meal before heading out or you need some vitality to strength through your shopping, Popeyes has you covered.

Celebrate ‘Blackened’ Friday with Popeyes

From Thanksgiving Day to New Year’s Eve, Popeye’s is offering a unique free delivery deal to customers who order through either of its online portals, Popeyes or the Popeye’s app. When ordering, customers may select the Chicken Sandwich combo and receive a free or discounted sandwich.

The event’s play on words reminds you to plan your purchases for the blackened chicken sandwich that is expected to be released on Black Friday, Nov. 25. What makes this sandwich special is that it can be substituted for blackened, regular fried, or hot-fried free chicken sandwiches though applicable conditions apply. The offer lasts through the end of Cyber Week on Monday, Dec. 4.

popeyes blackend chicken sandwich
Popeyes blackened chicken sandwich

Popeye’s Blackened Chicken Sandwich has turned out to be a popular item in taste testing, and it reportedly delivers the crunch you require with that much breading. Besides the “Blackened” Friday specials, there are plenty of opportunities to test an experiment.

Popeyes is bringing Cajun seasoning to the season.

When Popeyes thinks about its Thanksgiving meal specials, it’s reminded of how special the occasion is due to its Cajun-style Turkey and its home delivery. Popeyes also appreciates that staying in afterward means there is no need to precook a whole turkey.

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It always looking for ways to refresh its menu offerings as a result of its commitment to innovation. The President told The Street in May that the team “focuses on its guests,” who include “those who refuse to come to us as often and those who can’t be bothered to come at all.”

Although fried chicken restaurant Popeyes has not had success in recreating that iconic cultural moment won by its Chicken Sandwiches, offering another cultural trend, Black Friday, is a useful stratagem.

popeyes full menu

Popeyes fully understands how to offer food for special events. Additionally, the restaurant is offering its Cajun-style Turkey for Thanksgiving delivery. And yes, this is a holiday turkey, fully cooked, without any effort on your end.

Popeyes joins in on Black Friday fun with the new Popeyes

Popeyes has prepared a limited-time offer this Black Friday. Customers will receive a free order of chicken nuggets with any purchase of $10 or more during the promotion, which runs from November 27-4 December. It is available at participating locations.

This isn’t the first time Popeyes has offered a Black Friday deal. Last year, the chain offered a free two-piece chicken dinner with the purchase of any large drink. This year’s deal is even better, as it doesn’t require the purchase of a drink.

Final Thought

Conclusively, Popeyes is the perfect place to go for a quick and delicious meal on Black Friday. With their wide variety of menu items, there is something for everyone to enjoy. So whether you’re looking for a quick bite before hitting the sales or you need some energy to power through your shopping, Popeyes has you covered.

Be sure to take advantage of this offer before it expires. This is a great opportunity to get your hands on some delicious food. So what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and head on over to Popeyes

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