Popeyes Daily Specials 2023 Get your Favorite Popeyes meal

When you eat Popeyes menu items, Popeyes daily specials save you a lot of money. Popeyes offers daily specials for regular customers. Popeye’s special is available on other days of the week as well. Popeyes sauces are free of cost with special daily meals, and you should not miss them.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen offers various daily specials to tantalize your taste buds. Check out our list of available popeyes daily special menu items available today.

Daily Specials:

$5.99 Boneless Wings: Choose your sauce!

$6.99 Buttermilk Chicken Biscuits – Served with gravy and honey butter

$6.99 Spicy Crispy Chicken Tenders – Served with your own choice of any popeyes sauce

$5.99 Crawfish Etouffee – served with rice and your choice of side

$9.99 Deep Fried Shrimp – Served with your choice of dipping sauce

Popeyes Daily specials can save money when you dine on Popeyes food items. Popeyes provides daily specials to its loyal customers. Like the Popeyes Monday special, guests can enjoy Popeyes special meals on other days of the week.

You also receive Popeyes sauces at no cost with special daily meals, and you should not skip them.

Also, let’s learn about Popeye’s daily special food items, including nutrition information and prices here.

Popeyes provides three crispy Popeyes Chicken Tenders on Monday, two pieces of Crispy Chicken on Tuesday, two pieces of Popeyes Chicken Minis every Wednesday, and three pieces of Popeyes Crispy Chicken on Thursday. Cajun Poutine for Friday, five PC Wings on Saturday, one leg of the PC, and 4.5 OZ popcorn Shrimp at the end of Sunday.

* Monday Specials 3 pieces of Crispy Chicken Tenders that priced at $4.99

* Tuesday Specials: 2 pieces of Chicken (leg as well as thigh) that priced at $3.49

* Wednesday Specials 9 Popeyes Chicken Nuggets that priced at $4.99

* Thursday Specials: 3 pieces of Crispy Chicken (Leg, Wing, and Thigh) priced at $5.49

* Friday Specials: Popeyes Cajun Poutine priced at $3.99

* Saturday Specials 5 pieces of wings (Wingettes as well as Drumettes) priced at $5.49

* Sunday Specials: 2 pieces of Popeyes Chicken Minis for $4.29

Popeyes Daily Specials

Popeyes Monday Special

Popeyes offers three pieces of Crispy Chicken Tenders provided at $4.99 on the Monday specials menu. Popeyes tenders are hand-crafted marinated chicken tenders that are succulent inside and crisp outside.

Popeyes Monday special Chicken tenders are made of white chicken and buttermilk, crisp pickles, and spiced mayonnaise.

Cost: Popeyes Monday specials, three tenders pieces price at $4.99.

Total Nutrition:

Total Fat17g
Popeyes Monday Specials

Popeyes Tuesday Special: Popeyes Daily Specials

Popeyes daily specials menus are fan favorites within Popeyes Specials on Tuesdays from the Popeyes menu.

On Tuesdays, Popeyes offers its customers two crunchy chicken pieces, one leg, and one thigh, a Popeyes biscuit, a drink, and a Popeyes side for $3.49.

Pricing: Popeyes Tuesday specials prices are $3.49. However, some places are priced differently by a small amount.

Total Nutrition:

Total Carbohydrates14g
Total Fat30g
Popeyes Tuesday Special

Popeyes Wednesday Special

On Popeyes Wednesday, Popeyes serves nine pieces of Nuggets. Nuggets are also a trendy food item on Popeyes kid’s meal menu.

Popeyes Nuggets are saltish as compared to the other fast-food chains. But The flavor of Popeyes Nuggets is excellent, and the Popeyes Wednesday special is being praised for the low price.

Pricing: You can purchase Popeyes Wednesday specials only for $4.99.

Meal Nutrition:

Total Carbohydrates30g
Total Fat27g
Popeyes Wednesday Special

Popeyes Thursday Special

Popeyes Thursday sale provides 3 pieces of crispy Popeyes Chicken ( Leg piece or Wing, and Thigh). The size of each crispy piece of Chicken is enough to feel full and calm your appetite.

Popeyes Thursday deals are very affordable and delicious. However, the leg piece chicken is more flavorful than other items.

Pricing: Popeyes Thursday special costs you $5.49.

Meal Nutrition:

Total Carbohydrates16g
Total Fat21g
Popeyes Tuesday Special

Popeyes Friday Special

Popeyes Friday’s special menu includes Cajun Poutine loaded with cheese curds, shrimp, and gravy.

If you are a fan of Popeyes Cajun Poutine and are in love with Popeyes Cajun Poutine, then visit Popeyes on Friday to purchase this food item for 3.99.

However, Popeyes Cajun Poutine is packed with calories. So, try to stay away from eating Cajun Poutine frequently.

Pricing: Popeyes Friday Deal’s Cajun Poutine cost is just $3.99.

Meal Nutrition:

Total Carbohydrates32g
Total Fat8g
Popeyes Friday Special

Popeyes Saturday Specials

On Saturdays, Popeyes also has a fantastic deal for customers. Popeyes offers a special Saturday menu that features Five Wings: Wingettes and Drumettes.

Popeyes offered Fried Chicken Wings a long time ago, but the Popeyes menus still include this item.

Prices: Popeyes Saturday special price is $5.49.

Meal Nutrition:

Total Carbohydrates38g
Total Fat65g
Popeyes Saturday Specia

Popeyes Sunday Special

Within Popeyes specials, the Sunday specials are very well-loved by Popeyes followers. Popeyes Sunday special deal has in it 2 pieces of crispy Chicken Minis.

Popeyes Chicken Minis come with a toasty mini-bun and a tiny amount of chicken. The flavor of the Popeyes Chicken Minis is standard, nothing extraordinary.

Pricing: You can purchase Popeyes Sunday specials for $4.29.

Meal Nutrition:

Total Carbohydrates42g
Total Fat14g
Popeyes Friday Special

Final Thought – Popeyes Daily Specials

Popeyes daily specials allow you to purchase your preferred Popeyes food at a reasonable price. Popeyes Tuesday specials are more sought-after in comparison to other deals on the daily.

Popeyes Specials on Monday and Friday are getting famous all over the place.

Also, make sure you follow Popeyes’ daily specials menu and plan your day to save money when you go to Popeyes to have your favorite meal.


What is in the new Popeyes deal?

Popeye’s is bringing back its $6 Big Box Deal, which includes roasted chicken (with or without bones), two signature sides, and a buttermilk biscuit.

What is Cajun poutine at Popeye’s?

Popeye’s most famous Cajun fries are made of fresh cheese curds drenched in slow-cooked Louisiana gravy.

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